ICDS 2021 will be held at Nanjing, China in Nov 21-22, 2021. Its theme will be: "Data Sharing, Security and Intelligent Applications". The main topics, but not limited to, are as follows:

Data security and protectionInformation steganography
- digital signature
- Data encryption algorithm
- Data transmission protocols and algorithms
- Adversarial sample algorithm
- Data security and protection basic theory and technology
- Data collection and data release
- Data analysis and data mining
- Cloud computing data security
- Data security and protection in mobile networks
- Data security and protection in social networks
- Data Security and Protection in the Internet of Things

Key technologies of artificial intelligenceNatural language processing
* Social network analysis
* Speech Recognition
* Image Identification
* Reinforcement learning
* Machine learning platform
* Decision management
* Human Feature Recognition Technology
* smart robot
Artificial intelligence security applicationsIntrusion detection
* abnormal detection
* Network Security Situation Awareness
* Intelligent firewall system
* Malicious code detection
Big DataBig data security
* Big data collection and preprocessing
* Big data computing model
* Big data analysis and mining
* Big data visualization analysis
Blockchain security applicationsConsensus mechanism and performance
* Cross-chain mechanism
* Blockchain governance mechanism
* Identity management
* Privacy protection in the blockchain
* Smart contracts and self-organizing business models
IoT securityResearch on Sensor Security Technology * Information Security in the Internet of Things
* Encryption in the Internet of Things
* IoT application security
* Secure routing protocol
* Authentication and access control in the Internet of Things
CryptographyPublic-key provably secure cryptography * Cryptographic primitives
* Cryptographic protocols
* Post quantum cryptography
* Cryptanalysis

Submission and Publication
The Program Chairs are soliciting contributed technical papers for presentation at the Conference and publication in the Conference Proceedings by ACM Proceedings. The selected high quality papers will be published in the special issues of two journals, one is Concurrency and Computation Practice and Experience (CCPE, Wiley) and the other is International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making. Publication template at https://www.acm.org/publications/taps/word-template-workflow (you can either use the LaTeX OR the Word template posted there)

Conference paper submissions are encouraged before the next deadlines:
Paper and Proposed Submission Deadline 15th, Oct. 2021
Acceptance notification 31st, Oct. 2021
Registration deadline 15th, Nov. 2021